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We are the distributors for hundreds of training programs and videos. Over the next several months we will be adding more descriptive information on them.

Check out our newest demos on safety training in the Training & eLearning area: click here.

 ~ Jim Kisela 11/4/11


Our newest business partner is Chris Horseman, President of Balance Learning, a premiere producer of online management/supervisory training courses.


Chris is a dedicated entrepreneur and sailor who loves a challenge and is shown here happily taking on the Atlantic Ocean.

Chris discusses the parallels between sailing in a demanding race and creating world class training programs on his web site. Here he is discussing his newest product:

This summer provided some lessons for me that it has taken until now to put into practice. Back in June I helmed a yacht in "interesting" conditions in the largest sailing race in the world. Of almost 2,000 boats that entered 438 retired but we finished without any problems. I can't say we are great sailors but we did very thoroughly revise, prepare and plan.

This principle of preparation and planning is just as important in the world of work and although eLearning alone can develop knowledge and to some extent skill in its conventional form it doesn't help in revising, preparing and planning for a task.

That's why we are in the process of introducing a new range of interactive eBooks to go with our courses. These eBooks are designed to help learners become competent faster by providing revision aids, planning tools and work support.

(Visit the Balance Learning site for the entire discussion.)


We are proud of the fact that we are now a North American distributor for the US versions of these award winning training programs that have become so popular in the UK and Europe.


  ~ Jim Kisela 1/20/11



HR Observations:



Recently Eric Phillips and Safety Management Services (click here to go to the SMS web site) has come up on our radar screen as a company dedicated " providing health care facilities expert consultation in the area of accreditation, survey preparation and regulatory affairs..." (source: SMS web site)

Health care facilities are a major focus for WLP, and we see possibilities for synergies here.

          ~ Jim Kisela 10/6/11

We have expanded our areas of interest to training programs. Specifically, we feel that digital delivery channels are a powerful way to leverage technology for the effective delivery of training experiences.

Our latest changes to the web site will help visitors find our training information and training programs by going to the eLearning Center.

Over the coming months we will be adding training programs from a variety of providers,  and each month we will feature one of those providers.

          ~ Jim Kisela 10/1/11


Summer 2011

We focus on some of the most complicated issues facing organizations today. Our goal is to find or develop "best in class" solutions that maximize the mutual interests of management and employees. Our wide range of experience and expertise lets us develop and evaluate potential solutions so that only the very best programs are selected for our product portfolio.

We would like to welcome Don Barbuto to our list of special resources. Don is one of the best group employee benefits consultants we have ever worked with (see Jim Kisela's comments on that here).

If you need help in thinking through complicated group employee benefits for your organization large or small, Don is a good person to talk to. Check out his website at