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Work-life Balance

We help organizations develop appropriate work-life strategies that optimize their employee’s productivity by implementing practical programs and plans that help balance work and family issues.

It is imperative that work-life initiatives are responsive to overall business needs and issues to create the maximum ROI possible.

Our consulting process for work-life starts with a review of your work-life strategy and plan, and then moves ahead with an analysis of all current programs. This is useful because many organizations have not conducted a comprehensive survey of everything they are already doing for their employees and are pleasantly surprised by what has developed over time.

We then move into analyzing the outcomes of the current programs and calculating an estimated return-on-investment based on your current cost structure.

Concurrently, we can measure your programs against your industry, your nearby competitors, and also in light of best practices.

Employee perceptions of your programs can be enlightening to make sure what you are offering is valued appropriately by the people who are the intended beneficiaries.

All of this material is collected into a final report that gives you a detailed report card on your work-life efforts and suggestions concerning any problems or issues that may have been uncovered during the process.

In some situations we use the information developed in the diagnostic phase of the consulting to create a set of learning experiences that we deliver in our unique WorkLife University ® setting.

Work-life Toolkit