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WorkLife ToolKit - How it Works

Getting Started

This module gives a good overview of the work-life field and contains information about the ToolKit ®. The “In a Hurry?” section is particularly helpful for getting tips and ideas that can be used immediately.

Assessing Needs

Knowing what your organization needs is a key part of the development of a work-life strategy. In this module you will learn how to benchmark against competitors and local practice, how to find out what management thinks, and how to tap into the feelings and opinions of your employees.

Cost Justifying

Crucial to the final work-life strategy and adoption of specific work-life programs is the calculation of the costs and benefits of installing programs or of doing nothing. This module calculates the "hidden costs" of work-life issues that exist in every organization, and the return-on-investment for implementing specific work-life programs.


In this module the entire process of communicating your findings to senior management is covered in detail. A sample report is included that can be downloaded and customized.