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WorkLife ToolKit - Overview

If you design, select, implement or manage work-life programs, or are just interested in this exciting area, the unique WorkLife ToolKit ® , gives you the integrated tools you need to meet your goals, evaluate and oversee your programs effectively and construct or expand a program at a minimum cost. You know work-life programs will reduce your company’s costs. You’ve probably tried to convince your senior management of the potential savings. Unfortunately, work-life programs are some of the most difficult to justify to senior management because they are regarded as "soft" benefits. With the unique WorkLife ToolKit ® , you can tap into a database of proven practices and calculate the ROI for these programs in your organization, find cost-effective help to create and measure the results of work-life programs easier, faster, and better – all without expensive consultants. We also combine the functionality with on-site workshops, training, and classroom instruction under the framework of our unique WorkLife University ®.

Communication Templates Custom Tools Resources
• Task Force Recruitment Letter • Checklist of Work-Life Initiatives • Work-Life Library
• Task Force Reminder Letter • Benchmarking Survey • Contextual Hints
• Task Force Meeting Agenda • Key Executive Questionnaire • Work-Life Glossary
• Benchmarking Invitation Letter • Focus Group Participant Questionnaire • Resource Directory
• Benchmarking Survey Letter • Employee Needs Assessment Survey • Virtual Company Facilitator & Guide
• Key Executive Memo • Economics of On-Site Child Care • Easy-to-use Timelines
• Focus Group Invitation • Hidden Cost Report
• Employee Needs Assessment Cover Letter • Return-on-Investment (ROI) Calculator
• ROI Report
• Sr. Management Report