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Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Testing Overview

Over 80% of healthcare costs are behavioral in nature. And it is clear traditional methods for addressing both risks and chronic care issues cannot be solved by one approach. Our behavioral wellness approach focuses on the root of the majority of healthcare issues: individual behaviors. WorkLife Productions, Inc.’s years of experience in Human Resources and Wellness makes us an ideal partner in managing health care costs with a strategy of active engagement, outreach, intervention, and proof of real impact.

Organizations are in a vital position to impact the health of their members. Implementing programs to partner with members for their individual health needs promotes a culture of wellness, allowing them to achieve positive outcomes and make improvements in their overall health.

But the benefits do not stop there. Healthy members increase productivity, decrease healthcare costs, and spend less time out of the office for illness-related issues – real bottom-line benefits for your organization.

WorkLife Productions’ range of Wellness Services allows you to create the solution that works best for your organization. Our services include:

  • Tools to identify at-risk members, including online health risk assessments and onsite biometric testing.
  • Based on those results, data analytics to stratify members and outline outreach and engagement strategies.
  • Reporting of proven behavior change, real outcomes, and resulting return on your investment.

Studies have shown early identification and management of lifestyle and health risk factors can significantly impact productivity, distress levels, and overall health. With the cost of health care rising every year, it is important for members to play an active role in managing their health risks and adopting positive lifestyle practices to help reduce claims costs. Well designed and implemented wellness programs offer a cost effective way to increase member awareness of such challenges, while providing the support needed to make long-term behavioral and health care changes.

Our wellness programs are grounded in a multi-faceted approach addressing the social, emotional, and physical factors impacting an individual’s ability to modify behavior while ensuring sustainable change. They are designed to provide flexibility in meeting your organization’s unique needs. Solutions are designed to meet your business objectives and cost parameters while providing your employees and their family members with the tools to manage health and related lifestyle issues.

Health Risk Assessment

WorkLife Productions Health Risk Assessment (HRA) gives your organization the information needed to identify key areas of opportunities for implementing targeted wellness initiatives within the population.

Using our technology, your organization can quickly and easily assess the individual or aggregate health of your population with an assessment and prevention system that seamlessly integrates with your Company Website or Intranet. The HRA, administered by our Wellness partner, is secure and confidential, and generates both personal and administrative reports that can be used to monitor individual and aggregate health changes over time. Recommendations are then generated to achieve optimal health.

WorkLife Productions HRA gives you the information needed to identify key areas of opportunity for implementing targeted wellness initiatives within your organization’s population. Using our technology, your organization can quickly and easily assess the aggregate health of your population with an assessment and prevention system that seamlessly integrates either a website or an intranet address.


The HRA covers key health issues including:

  • Heart health
  • Fitness and nutrition
  • Smoking
  • Weight management
  • Stress
  • Cancer
  • Safety

This complete assessment takes into consideration unique factors such as:

  • Demographics
  • Gender and age
  • Income group

Finally, HRM includes biometric measures such as:

  • Nationality
  • Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Family and personal health history
  • Cholesterol
  • Personal health history
  • Blood sugar
  • Toxic exposure
  • Medications

As an option, the HRA includes the ability to add questions specific to your population and demographics. In order to maximize participation and achieve successful outcomes, we can partner with you to seamlessly integrate such online health tools as:

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Stress Management

Administrative reporting tools allow Benefits Managers to identify important health trends for their populations. The aggregate report details the broad health issues, highlighting the top four health concerns. Data may be filtered by various demographics, as well as by organizational divisions. Additionally, several groups may be aggregated into a single report. Most importantly, progress can be measured by comparing results from previous HRAs.

HRA Validity and Reliability

Our HRA and the corresponding Health Profile Report highlights a comprehensive range of personal biometric data and risk factors. Its detailed report includes a Total Health Score and six separate health categories including Cancer Risk, Heart Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Stress and Safety Awareness.

The HRA and personal report incorporate the most current medical standards from the AHA – American Heart Association, ADA – American Diabetes Association, JNC-V, NCEP-III, US Preventive Services Task Force and the CDCP – Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The HRA was originally based on a cancer risk assessment model developed at the Harvard School of Public Health. Multiple other health conditions and risk factors were added based on a thorough review of the literature, and the model modified as needed. The heart health profile is based primarily on the Framingham study data, with additions from other more recent studies.

A thorough literature review was conducted to identify candidate risk factors and develop question content. MEDLINE and other online databases were comprehensively searched for randomized controlled studies, prospective case control studies, and cohort studies that focused on health risks, their impact on various health conditions, costs and cause-effect relationships between intervention and outcomes.

All questions, output, statistical methods, and scoring algorithms were reviewed by our Wellness partner’s Chief Medical Officer, health education professionals, medical researchers and practitioners, and a medical advisory board. Scoring algorithms were developed based on a relative risk model for risk factors and their impact on disease and mortality. Overall scores are calculated and weighted via the rules-based CH Assessment Engine.

Biometric Testing

Through WorkLife Productions’ strategic partners, we can provide your organization with the leading wellness screening services for testing your employees. Our providers specialize in the facilitation of on-site biometric data collection and transfer for third party administrators, wellness providers, Fortune 1000 companies, and other businesses.

Screenings are their specialty. We make the process simple for you and your organization to implement.

WorkLife Productions will provide each employee attending biometric screenings with:

  • Baseline information to the participants on key screening metrics and health risk factors
  • Targeted educational materials and one-on-one assistance to help each individual participant understand the state of his/her current health and how to improve key risk factors for a healthier, more productive future
  • Where he or she stands compared to the previous year

Why does your company need health screenings?

Our health screening services provide real, quantifiable data to ensure that your company is targeting all the right risk factors.

Knowledge and prevention are the keys to good health. Many people may look or feel healthy, but do not know how to recognize certain signs or changes in their bodies that could be indicators of illness. Our blood profiles can help determine an employee's risk for illness before symptoms of disease occur. A “normal” test can be used to establish a baseline and to help rule out any areas of potential risk. Our test results teach individuals more about their bodies and can lead to necessary changes in diet, exercise, and life style.

Through a series of different tests and screenings, we help identify risk factors and early warning signs of serious health conditions. Our standard tests/screenings typically include: blood tests (finger stick or venipuncture), blood pressure, body mass index (height and weight) and our proprietary Health Risk Questionnaire – the results of which are compiled and made available to you via comprehensive individual reports and a corporate aggregate report.


    Venipuncture Testing

    The venipuncture procedure – which is the collection of blood from the arm – is faster to administer, less expensive, more accurate and has more advanced panel options. When it comes to identifying health risks via blood, it is the gold standard – and the range of health risks we can test for is immense. Through standard offerings such as full chemistry panels, cholesterol and glucose screenings, PSA (prostate), homocysteine and hs-CRP (heart health), A1C, or thyroid tests – we can help to identify major diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

    Finger Stick Testing

    For immediate results, and something a bit less invasive, we offer finger stick testing for your employees. Finger stick testing allows us to process results in as little as seven minutes – using only top-of-the-line Cholestech machines. Typical screenings will include a lipid profile (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides) and glucose - or a total cholesterol, HDL, and glucose reading.

    Additional Screenings

    Additional screenings may include blood pressure, body mass index, height, weight, body fat and waist-to-hip ratio – but with advanced notice, we can perform other services as well. It’s also important to note that our processes and equipment are standardized throughout our 200 affiliated office locations nationwide, ensuring that each client receives a comparable assessment.

    Comprehensive Individual Reports

    These proprietary reports compile all of the informa

    tion collected from screenings (HRQ and biometrics) to create a detailed overview of an individual’s health. All individual reports include a total wellness score, a detailed summary of all screenings, personalized educational material based on one's results and a yearly comparison page.

    Corporate Aggregate Report

    This proprietary report compiles each employee’s results to create an aggregate report reflecting a company's entire staff. All corporate reports include a total wellness score, a top risk factor summary, a cost impact statement, ROI estimates, a screening summary breakdown, and an annual comparison page.