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Comprehensive Overview of Workplace Harassment: Prevention and the Law.

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Workplace Harassment: Prevention and the Law

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Worklife Productions presents the premier elearning program from Anderson-davis, Inc.: the newest eLearning courses use over 24 interactive scenario dramatizations. These episodic scenarios engage the learner through realistic character development and clarify the types of behavior prohibited by the employer’s sexual/non harassment policy and the impact of harassment. In addition, these scenarios demonstrate different ways of stopping unwelcome behavior.

Web Based Training that Works

  • Assist supervisors in managing a positive and productive workplace
  • Challenge participants’ perceptions of what sexual harassment is and how it occurs
  • Explain the relationship between harassment and discrimination laws, court decisions, and their employer’s policy against harassment
  • Identify the impacts of careless habits and behaviors of harassment in the workplace
  • Clarify and ensure a better understanding of your policy against harassment and complaint process
  • Participants will learn practical and proven skills to:


Recognize sexual harassment, especially when there is no complaint

  • Know when and how to effectively intervene, even when there is no complaint
  • Stop harassment at the moment it occurs and instructs them on how they can report it
  • Appropriately receive a complaint and respond to the complainant’s concerns
  • Recognize and prevent (subtle) retaliation
  • Proven Results for Organizations Everywhere

Here is what Anderson-davis, Inc. says about this program: "After training 120,000 employees over more than 29 years, clients frequently tell us that they witness a marked decrease in hostile work environment situations in the period after training has been completed. What accounts for this? This powerful sexual harassment course helps supervisors effectively intervene and resolve situations when they arise or before they escalate. This is the power that Anderson-davis training leaves with you."

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