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Employee Benefits Management

We provide group medical, dental, Rx, disability, and life insurance strategic benefit plan design, implementation, and management services for any size organization. Our particularly strong area is with small and medium sized organizations, where we custom design programs and plans that are based on your business needs.
  • Reduce or significantly control Health Care, Rx & Disability costs
  • Strategic plan design for Medical and Rx
  • Cost management metrics used for Medical and Rx
  • Effective vendor management protocols utilized
  • Results achieved, lower health, Rx & Disability costs


A personal and professional note from Jim Kisela:

The best strategic thinker for employee group benefits design, implementation, and ongoing plan management I have worked with is Don Barbuto of Centurion Benefits.. For complete transparency, Don has been associated with Worklife Productions, Inc. since its founding, and was a consultant for me at Campbell Soup, Vanguard, and QVC.

Don combines a great overall view of employee benefits with a practical approach that doesn't let theory get in the way of a good sound solution for an individual client situation. In the formulation of a plan for a client Don always keeps the client's needs first and deals in an atmosphere of complete and total honesty and trust. When somewhat younger Don was an Eagle Scout, and he continues to bring that attitude to the business world. Needless to say, we recommend him to anyone in need of strategic and practical employee benefits management for their organization.

Don's website is


Jim Kisela