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One Care Street™

People who feel "ill" are expensive to their employer because they are much more likely to file medical claims, disability claims, be absent, and be less productive when on the job.

Identifying and helping these people AHEAD of these costs using One Care Street™ makes tremendous sense. You reduce benefit costs and increase employee productivity, which creates a substantial ROI for the program.

Health Perception Science is the scientific tool at the heart of One Care Street™. It measures the gap between how we are feeling and functioning compared to our image of how we should be feeling and functioning. These gaps are drivers for individuals to seek medical care and they add significant predictive power to the other variables our measurement instrument uses.

When significant health perception gaps are revealed by our computer’s proprietary predictive modeling software, the system forwards the analysis to the coaching staff for immediate follow up with the at-risk individual.

This approach has been developed from years of research and is continuously being refined.

This is not a Health Risk Appraisal, because One Care Street™ provides the ability to better find those in most need now, not years from now. It uses much more than the basic clinical/claims data commonly used, and since the analysis is done in real time looking forward, rather than waiting for old claims data, interventions happen immediately and positive results can begin to take place quickly.

Doing this in an integrated manner with your other benefits most closely addresses what organizations are looking for: simplicity, lower cost, increased effectiveness, true ROI, and near term cost reduction.