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In 1997 Jim McCann, Oliver Mann, and Jane Angelich, experienced HR consultants and entrepreneurs in the Employee Assistance Program and Work-Life Balance business spaces, developed a model to calculate the Return on Investment to organizations for work-life programs. Jim Kisela organized a new company, WorkLife Productions, Inc. to develop and market this idea as the WorkLife ToolKit™ produced on a CD-ROM platform for distribution into the corporate community.

The WorkLife ToolKit™ was named one the “Best New Products of the Year” by Human Resource Executive magazine in 1997.

After developing the CD-ROM the team created a unique customized learning experience The Worklife University® and conducted the first session in Chicago. The Worklife University® puts the concepts from the WorkLife ToolKit™ into practical application.

In 2003 WorkLife Productions, Inc. was asked to analyze the issue of employee benefits medical cost containment, specifically the use of predictive models, by the Risk Management Group (a leader in developing creative custom solutions to employee benefit problems).

After looking carefully at the products in the market for over a year Jim Kisela decided that the only product that was both scientifically based and had proven clinical effectiveness at reducing employee medical expenses was One Care Street™ a product developed by Julie Meek of The Haelan™ Group, in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was clear that this was the best in class product for controlling and reducing employee medical costs while improving employee health, productivity, and morale.

Since then WorkLife Productions, Inc. has become an exclusive representative for One Care Street™, - marketing and implementing One Care Street™ as the best in class solution in this business space.